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I recommend getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily. In my experience, walking is great exercise – burning 300 calories per hour! Here are some tips to keep in mind:


WALK TALL – Hold your belly in and shoulders back while walking to strengthen your core and practice good posture. 


RIGHT SHOE – Make sure you have the right shoes to protect your body. Thick heel surface, room to wiggle your toes and support around the ankles will keep you on your feet longer. Core balancing shoes like Skechers Shape Ups, New Balance Rock & Tone or MBT’s really do make a difference.  They have a curved bottom to help you engage more of your lower body and core muscles. 


WATER WALK – Try walking in water to build lower body strength and reduce impact on the body.  You will get a great cardio workout and not worry about breaking a sweat.

Plus, this is an ideal place for pregnancy, arthritis or fibromyalgia participants.

Model Center Fielder

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a one-of-a-kind.


Dodger center fielder Matt Kemp is featured in the May 2010 GQ Magazine, modeling tight-fitting couture by the likes of Polo and Armani to name a few.


How rare is it that a Dodger has graced the pages of the magazine and been photographed by a top fashion photographer?


Maybe never.


The article describes Kemp as a country-boy thrown into the Los Angeles limelight. The pictures thrust him even deeper into that light.


He posed for the photos in early March at the Dodgers’ Spring Training home, Camelback Ranch — Glendale.


Smoke billowed from a machine as he was encouraged by photographer Michel Comte to pose in different scenes — behind the chain-linked fence in the bullpen, in center field and around the diamond.


The final product is for all eyes to see right now.

Matt Kemp’s Tribute to Jackie

When Matt Kemp takes the field on April 15, he will do so wearing number 42 like the rest of his teammates. This is a part of Major League Baseball’s tribute to Jackie Robinson, who on that date in 1947 broke baseball’s color barrier as a member of the Dodgers.


But along with wearing the number that is retired throughout baseball, Kemp said he is going to make another fashion statement.


“Every year it’s a great feeling to wear his number 42,” said Kemp. “I wear my pants up and do that feet-first sliding that he used to do back in the day – stealing all those bases and getting dirty…Wearing his number just shows how important it is what he did for baseball. To be on the Dodgers and knowing he wore the jersey that I wear is pretty special.”

Loney Takes Taiwan

Tourist/Dodger first baseman James Loney enjoyed the sights of Taiwan on the Dodgers’ trip to the island in March.


Loney purchased a picture with himself superimposed in front of Taipei 101, formerly the world’s tallest building, while standing on one of the upper levels of the skyscraper.


He knew it was a silly picture, as he leaned back with his arms folded, yet he still showed it off to teammates. 


Enjoying the food, that’s another story.


Upon arriving at a table where Manny Ramirez was eating, the Dodger left fielder urged Loney to eat.


Once Ramirez turned away, Loney curled his upper lip while looking at the food.


“What’s that?” he asked in half-curiosity, half-disgust.

A Mother’s Wish

Sara Aguirre let her son, Christopher Ramirez, soak in his experience.


In the background throughout, she watched with a soothed smile as Christopher, who has battled brain cancer, got his wish granted from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to “try out” for the Los Angeles Dodgers at their Spring Training camp in March.


“I can’t describe it,” she said of her son’s experience. “I have no words how to tell you. I’m maybe more excited than he is because I know my son loves baseball. Baseball is his passion.”


The good news: Her relief was not only rooted in his ability to fulfill his dream, but in his continued recovery.


Christopher is on his way.

Proud Dad

On June 11, 2009, Jonathan and Elizabeth Broxton became the proud parents of their first child, Jonathan. In a year that has been so memorable in a baseball sense, this was at the top of the Dodger closer’s highlights for the year.


Watching the elder Jonathan holding his son during a pregame, it was heartwarming to see someone who can throw a baseball 100 MPH hold his son so gently and sit quietly in the dugout, both soaking in the atmosphere. At that moment they were just father and son.


“It’s definitely a life-changing experience, staying up all night and feeding him,” said Broxton. “It’s an unbelievable feeling to be a parent, starting your own family and raising your children and trying to show them the ropes to lead them in the right direction through life. I’m not just playing for myself. I’m playing for him and my family, too. It’s pretty awesome.”


Supermodel to Supermogul

We all remember supermodel Kathy Ireland gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s annual swimsuit issue. But with her modeling days behind her, the Glendale native has found success as an entrepreneur and author, not to mention as a wife, mother, and Sunday school teacher. 


Ireland, 46, is Chief Designer and CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, and her sixth book, Real Solutions: 52 God-Inspired Messages from My Heart, hit stores this past November.  The busy mom also found time to be a contestant recently on Dancing with the Stars. She also found time to throw out a ceremonial first pitch during one of the final days of the 2009 season. Here’s a short Q&A from that visit:


You grew up in nearby Glendale, so have you been coming to Dodger Stadium since you were a little kid?

My very first Dodger game, I was 10 years old. I love the Dodgers. My dad told me we were going shopping to buy a vacuum cleaner, but I had to bring my baseball hat. I was like, “Okay…” He surprised me and we pulled up at Dodger Stadium and I’ll never forget it. It’s such a special place, so many great memories.


Do you have any favorite players?

Well, I’m wearing number 42 for Jackie Robinson. What a hero. An amazing man of perseverance and I get such an inspiration from him. I just admire the athletes, they are so tough and so talented. The Dodgers are the best. They are my favorite team and it’s just a dream to be here.


You recently released a new book in November. What can you tell us about it? 

I currently have a book out that’s called Real Solutions for Busy Moms: A Guide to Success and Sanity. And then on November 24th we released a devotional, and it’s called Real Solutions: 52 God-Inspired Messages from My Heart. I need a lot of encouragement sometimes just to get going in the day, and that’s what it’s about.  It’s sharing that inspiration, that encouragement with others.