Matt Kemp’s Tribute to Jackie

When Matt Kemp takes the field on April 15, he will do so wearing number 42 like the rest of his teammates. This is a part of Major League Baseball’s tribute to Jackie Robinson, who on that date in 1947 broke baseball’s color barrier as a member of the Dodgers.


But along with wearing the number that is retired throughout baseball, Kemp said he is going to make another fashion statement.


“Every year it’s a great feeling to wear his number 42,” said Kemp. “I wear my pants up and do that feet-first sliding that he used to do back in the day – stealing all those bases and getting dirty…Wearing his number just shows how important it is what he did for baseball. To be on the Dodgers and knowing he wore the jersey that I wear is pretty special.”



    Not only is it honorable that he paid tribute to a legendary, but his thoughts in regards to the details of Mr. Robinson’s techniques are a true sign of respect to the man & the game. Kudos to you Kemp & all the Dodgers!

  2. raysrenegade

    That is one of the great reasons fans love a guy like Matt Kemp.
    To pay homage to the past is special, but to do it in a style and grace that also shows the past base-running style and the stirrups just shows you how much he respects the man, his mission and his legacy.
    Dodger faithful should definitely give him a nice standing ovation today just for his classic homage to Jackie Robinson.

    Rays Renegade

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