April 2010

Model Center Fielder

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a one-of-a-kind.


Dodger center fielder Matt Kemp is featured in the May 2010 GQ Magazine, modeling tight-fitting couture by the likes of Polo and Armani to name a few.


How rare is it that a Dodger has graced the pages of the magazine and been photographed by a top fashion photographer?


Maybe never.


The article describes Kemp as a country-boy thrown into the Los Angeles limelight. The pictures thrust him even deeper into that light.


He posed for the photos in early March at the Dodgers’ Spring Training home, Camelback Ranch — Glendale.


Smoke billowed from a machine as he was encouraged by photographer Michel Comte to pose in different scenes — behind the chain-linked fence in the bullpen, in center field and around the diamond.


The final product is for all eyes to see right now.

Matt Kemp’s Tribute to Jackie

When Matt Kemp takes the field on April 15, he will do so wearing number 42 like the rest of his teammates. This is a part of Major League Baseball’s tribute to Jackie Robinson, who on that date in 1947 broke baseball’s color barrier as a member of the Dodgers.


But along with wearing the number that is retired throughout baseball, Kemp said he is going to make another fashion statement.


“Every year it’s a great feeling to wear his number 42,” said Kemp. “I wear my pants up and do that feet-first sliding that he used to do back in the day – stealing all those bases and getting dirty…Wearing his number just shows how important it is what he did for baseball. To be on the Dodgers and knowing he wore the jersey that I wear is pretty special.”