May 2010

Burn Calories While You Sleep

By Andrea Metcalf, Contributing Writer to

-Rev up your metabolism with strength training. Muscles are metabolic tissues, which means they burn calories, even when you sleep. Plus they support your framework and take up less space.

-Try adding in some pushups or situps when you wake up in the morning, or squats with a gallon of milk to help strengthen those muscles and bones.

-The best core toner is the bicycle oblique move.



By Andrea Metcalf, Contributing Writer to


I recommend getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily. In my experience, walking is great exercise – burning 300 calories per hour! Here are some tips to keep in mind:


WALK TALL – Hold your belly in and shoulders back while walking to strengthen your core and practice good posture. 


RIGHT SHOE – Make sure you have the right shoes to protect your body. Thick heel surface, room to wiggle your toes and support around the ankles will keep you on your feet longer. Core balancing shoes like Skechers Shape Ups, New Balance Rock & Tone or MBT’s really do make a difference.  They have a curved bottom to help you engage more of your lower body and core muscles. 


WATER WALK – Try walking in water to build lower body strength and reduce impact on the body.  You will get a great cardio workout and not worry about breaking a sweat.

Plus, this is an ideal place for pregnancy, arthritis or fibromyalgia participants.